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Presenting the refreshed Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards!

Recognising the best beauty, health and personal care products on Guardian’s shelves, this year’s edition includes revamped categories across the Experts’ Picks, Fan Favourites, Radiance Awards and Best Sellers list. Two new faces also join the judging panel – award-winning makeup artist and influencer Sahur Saleim (@sahursart) and popular beauty influencer Soh Peishi (@speishi).They will work alongside editors from Her World and Shape to bring you the best product recommendations and expert beauty tips.

Fans of Guardian have also cast their votes on the store’s best buys, so stay tuned for the reveal of the results, and find out who’s won big simply by sharing their favourites.



“Getting healthy skin takes time and effort. As I get older, I leave less to chance and good genes, and more to making sure I use the right products for my skin's changing needs. Right now, I'm focusing on radiance and hydration.”
Penelope Chan
Executive editor, Her World
“What has health got to do with beauty? A lot, actually. I’m a strong advocate that looking and feeling beautiful stems from leading a healthy lifestyle. In fact, beauty is health.”
Mary-Ann Soh
Online editor, Her World
"I've been testing and writing about all things beauty for the last 10 years. And still, every product is different to me. I love the process of trying new stuff!”
Melissa Chew
Associate beauty editor, Her World
“Beauty is about caring for my body from the inside out. What I eat and what exercises I do are just as important as what I put on my face. As I often hit the gym, I’m always looking for products that are convenient and easy to apply.”
Estelle Low
Editor, Shape
"I am a lover of makeup and sometimes my skin doesn't like that - so I have to pamper it well with skincare too. I’m always on the lookout for something that can make my routine easier in even less time, so let's give it all a shot."
Sahur Saleim
@sahursart, makeup artist and beauty influencer
“As a beauty enthusiast who often shares tips and tricks with fellow ladies on my YouTube channel, I am always on the hunt for the next holy grail or to-die-for product.”
Soh Peishi
@speishi, lifestyle and beauty influencer

Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2018